Leading Industrial
    Water Treatment Products

Ultra High Pressure Cleaning (UHP) Services

LUFTSOLUTIONS ENTERPRISES is the first company in Pakistan offering automated cleaning services for the industries. We have fully automatic control system with which we can clean the heat exchanger, condenser both vertical & horizontal type from inside & outside both.

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High Pressure Pumps

LSE is proud to partner with leading high pressure pump companies, the market leaders in manufacturer and distributor of industrial high-pressure water blasting equipment used at pressures up to 40,000 psi. All of LSE pumps are dynamic by design, and can be quickly converted between low flow/ultra high pressure and low pressure/high flow formats.

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Cleaning Equipments

LSE is offering cleaning equipments to industries for the cleaning and maintenance of their equipments and assets. Our partners are world leading companies which are manufacturing cleaning equipments from USA & Netherland.

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